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Unified School District of De Pere

School Board Updated on New Building Mapping System

A new school building mapping system, developed in cooperation with the De Pere Police Department and safety consultant Critical Response Group, could save precious moments in an emergency.
The Collaborative Response Graphic System is based on floor plans, building layouts, and buildings and grounds data. It provides a gridded "street map" for those responding to critical situations in unfamiliar settings. 
"We have thousands of square feet of space in each of our six buildings," says Supt. Ben Villarruel. "Imagine entering one of those buildings, possibly for the first time ever, and trying to find your way to a specific room or space in a high-intensity situation."
De Pere Police Chief Derek Beiderwieden provided an update on the mapping program to the Board of Education at its Feb. 17 meeting. He said the Department is paying the initial costs to map facilities in both the Unified School District of De Pere and the West De Pere School District using money from assets forfeited during drug busts. 
Costs to maintain the system are based on the number of buildings. De Pere's cost will be roughly $2500 per year, according to District Business Manager Dawn Foeller.
In an interview with the Press Times newspaper, Beiderwieden notes he hopes the system is never needed. "I hope we never have to use it, but if we do, it would shave seconds or minutes off the response time. In an emergency, a lot can happen in a few seconds or minutes."