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De Pere School District

Superintendent's Message

Every school year, the district works to improve our facilities to better service our students and to accommodate the increases in our overall enrollment. Over the summer, the District undertook a larger and more visible project. On the west side of De Pere High School, we remodeled existing space within the school and built an addition for a variety of programs. In October, 2017 our construction project was completed, and our students were able to use the new spaces for numerous classes and activities.
When the first major renovation of the existing high school occurred in 2001, the orchestra and choir classrooms and practice rooms were not renovated. In this project, we were able to provide new spaces for orchestra and choir which include classrooms and practice rooms. The acoustics in these rooms are greatly improved from our rooms that were built in 1977. In addition, the practice rooms can better accommodate a larger number of students as they practice their musical pieces.
The space vacated by orchestra and choir was remodeled to accommodate our high school drama department as they work throughout the year to produce various plays and musicals. Under the direction of Pete Dignan, the number of students involved in our drama program has greatly increased. We also remodeled a space to accommodate our growing wrestling program which involves students from our elementary schools to our high school.
On behalf of the School Board, staff, and students, we thank the community for the strong support that you give to our school district which allows improvement of our facilities and the educational experiences of our students.
Dr. Benjamin Villarruel
This is an article from the 2017-18 Fall Edition of the De Pere Hi-Light.