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De Pere School District

Superintendent's Message

In May, the District convened a working committee of approximately 40 parents, citizens, staff members, and students to analyze student enrollment growth and identify its implications for the district’s buildings to be able accommodate the enrollment growth.  The District Enrollment Advisory Committee met over the summer and reported their findings to the School Board in August.


The committee studied four areas as it analyzed the enrollment growth;

  1. Determine the capacity of the district school buildings,
  2. Analyze the projected enrollment growth over the next six years,
  3. Study the impact of the Open Enrollment Law,
  4. Review the potential impact of proposed residential development in the City of DePere and the Town of Ledgeview.

As a result of their work, the District Enrollment Advisory Committee made the following recommendations to the School District.

  • The Committee supports the action taken by the District to discontinue accepting open enrollment students in grades 5 through 8 due to student building capacity constraints.
  • The Committee recommends that the District significantly limit or no longer accept Open Enrollment students in grades K through 4 due to student building capacity constraints.
  • The District should develop plans to alleviate any classroom shortage at Foxview Intermediate School and DePere Middle School.
  • The District should communicate regularly with the Town of Ledgeview and the City of DePere to monitor and understand the impact that new housing construction will have on student enrollment.
The School Board and the District extend a thank you to all of the District Enrollment Advisory Committee members who worked with the District to study the enrollment growth and to develop a set of recommendations. Over the next few newsletters, there will be more information on the work of the District Enrollment Advisory Committee. The report developed by the committee can be viewed or downloaded from the District website: DEAC Report
Dr. Benjamin Villarruel
This is an article from the 2018-19 Fall Edition of the De Pere Hi-Light.