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Unified School District of De Pere

Superintendent's Message

In the District’s last newsletter, I summarized a report from our District Enrollment Committee which can be found on the School District’s home page website. A number of factors are coming together that may require the School District to consider a building expansion program.


First, the residential areas in the Town of Ledgeview and the City of De Pere continue to expand.  In De Pere, a new subdivision, Pine Trail Crossing, is being built off of Ryan Road, directly across the street from Susie C. Altmayer School. This new residential development proposes to add 60 single family residential lots and a number of multi-family units. Site improvements in Pine Trail Crossing have begun. In addition, there are unspecified residential development plans for the southern part of De Pere south of Rockland Road in the next 10+ years.


In Ledgeview, residential development continues to progress. Heritage Heights, located off of Heritage Road and GV, recently opened for new housing construction. The plan is to build 104 single family homes and a number of two family homes and apartments. In addition, throughout the Town of Ledgeview, there are approximately 10 new subdivisions being planned.  These residential plans would bring over 700 single family homes and multi-family units to the District.


The residential growth being proposed in our District will have an effect on our building expansion program. While the developments are at various stages in the planning process, the District continues to work with the City of De Pere and the Town of Ledgeview to understand if and when these projects will come to fruition. The timing will greatly influence when the District needs to expand its building facilities to accommodate the expected enrollment growth from these new residential developments.


Dr. Benjamin Villarruel
Note: The report developed by the committee can be viewed or downloaded from the District website: DEAC Report
This is an article from the 2018-19 Winter Edition of the De Pere Hi-Light.