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Student Services

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Student Services is a cluster of activities, functions and services designed to help each student experience success and benefit from school experiences. Various student services programs touch the lives of all children in the school, including those children who are experiencing the normal problems and stress of development. Services include programming for children with disabilities from age 3 through age 21, programs for English Language Learners, individual and group counseling, social work, health services, and gifted and talented programming. Students are provided these services in order to:

  • better understand his/her own uniqueness

  • adjust to the demands of the total environment

  • achieve social and academic competence

  • assume responsibility

  • set goals

  • make meaningful life decisions

The success of a student services program is dependent upon a team approach of teachers, student services personnel and the school's administrative-supervisory staff. Essentially, student services are provided directly to students or indirectly through teachers, parents, administrators, school programs or activities and community agencies.

Consultation, screening and diagnostic services are available to any parent of a child, ages birth through 21 years, residing in the Unified School District of De Pere. If there is a concern in the areas of growth and development, achievement, ability or behavior, a parent may feel free to call the Student Services Office at 983-2456 to receive help in developing a plan to hopefully correct the concern.

Student Services Personnel

  • The Student Services Director is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of special education and student services. Responsibilities include the coordination of programming for children with disabilities from age 3 through age 21. Other responsibilities include the supervision and coordination of English Language Learners services; school counseling; school social workers; school nursing; school psychologists and other student services.
  • School Counselors work to help students develop more adequate and realistic concepts of themselves-their strengths and needs, likes and preferences. Counselors help students become aware of educational and vocational opportunities available to them. They help students to plan and make decisions.
  • School Nurses conduct health screenings, maintain health records and provide health appraisals and emergency care. The nurses assist in planning and supervising wellness activities, providing small group and classroom instruction, individual health counseling, making home visits and working with other school staff regarding health education programs, resources and materials.
  • School Psychologists serve as a consultants, diagnosticians, therapists and coordinators regarding the behavioral and educational management of individual children. The school psychologist has special training to administer and interpret the findings of a variety of individual tests; and participates in the planning and educational management efforts with the staff in regard to special programming for individuals or groups of students.
  • School Social Workers serve as a primary link between the school, a student's home and community agencies. The social worker coordinates the responses of parents, teachers, students and community agencies in an effort to help students participate more fully and successfully in the total school program.
  • The English Language Learner Coordinator is responsible for the supervision and coordination of services for K-12 students and their families whose primary language is not English. The ELL Coordinator conducts assessments, does program planning, consultation, and interpreting and translating when necessary.