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Teaching and Learning

altmayer principal reads to a class of students via video

about us

The District's Curriculum and Instruction Department oversees all aspects of our teaching and learning program. Fundamentally, we are committed to ensuring all students learn at grade level or higher. Our curriculum is designed to be representative of all our students and is aligned with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. Our work is focused and grounded in the De Pere Pyramid for Success. It is comprised of a Coherent Curriculum, Sound Instructional Practice, Strategic Assessment, and Authentic Literacy all with a focus on individual students. By targeting these priorities, students are well-prepared for higher education, direct-to-career, or a combination of these paths.

USDD Pyramid of Success

Educating the Whole Child

We place the “whole child” at the forefront of our work. This begins with understanding each individual and designing purposeful learning environments to capitalize on the student’s strengths and goals. Prior to a new school year, staff and administrators meet  to gather information about the social-emotional, academic, and behavioral characteristics of each child. Details help match students with teachers and balance class rosters. The result is an environment that reinforces individual growth.